aufgeweckt, zu 100 % motiviert, seriös, verbindlich, Fokus

ETK? 3 letters, one focus.

What does ETK stand for and what does the logo represent? The company name „ETK Eigentum & Kapital GmbH“ was chosen by Patrick Windisch by no coincidence. Two strong words which always belong together in the real estate business: Kapital (capital) creates Eigentum (property). And property (when everything is done properly) recreates capital. An efficient & functioning system is worth its weight in gold – or as in this case, the colour is bronze. The colour scheme has certain functions. A high-end colour, which reflects the quality of ETK and of its work, but still young, fresh and modern. We opted for a mix of bronze and brown combined with modern petrol blue as a complementary colour. The mix – that’s it – bronze and blue! Exactly like ETK: young, fresh and clever, 100% motivated and still serious, committed and always with the right focus. Our “clips” – our focus. Our motto: “Your estate property. Our whole focus“. We focus on you as the Client, on your real estate, on your property and finally also on your capital.