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Our Platzl Estate

From 01.01.2018 you can find us in our new office in the heart of Munich. The Platzl is what we are really proud of! We have found a great location in the best neighbourhood. And since an office is only as nice as the people who work in there, we opted for an open-plan arrangement. Therefore, we are working with different real estate experts under one roof. Who is on board with us? An architect, a person from project management department, an auditor, who all offer accumulated expertise. Why is it so? Due to our direct ways policy and if we happen not no know how to move forwards, we have a competent contact partner in the neighbouring office. An absolute luxury, which we would never want to do without.
Your excellent benefit – while our competitors are still looking for a competent contact partner, we have the solution available for you on the table. How? Direct ways and the right focus.

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