Personal property management (SEV)

Contrary to the property management for flats, the personal property management is limited to an apartment within a condominium community, that is the property that belongs only to you as the owner: everything “behind” the apartment door. Therefore, if you own an apartment that you let, we’re here for you.

With us you are free to take care of the things which are really important in life, because we manage your property like our own. It includes the preparation and control of service charges settlement, correspondence with the tenants, extrajudicial dunning management or representation at property owner meetings: we take over the most unpleasant obligations for you as a renter. We will be pleased to present you a detailed offer tailored to your needs. A call is all it takes.

Handover with handover certificate.

  • Rent increase in accordance with applicable legal provisions and the possibilities offered by the rental agreement.
  • Operating costs settlement and, if necessary, operating cost advance payment adjustment.
  • Extrajudicial dunning process.
  • Drafting confirmations of contract termination.
  • Flat return with return certificate.

Technical management:

  • Defect inspection & removal as well as cost settlement with the ordering party.
  • Continuous supervision over the technical condition, e.g. when tenants change.
  • Coordination and supervision over repair work within the personal property.
  • Handling claims.

Organisational management:

  • Support to tenants and conducting tenant’s correspondence.
  • First point of contact for the tenant in the event of important incidents.
  • Correspondence between owners, residents and Property Management for Flats (WEG).
  • Representation of the owners at property owner meetings (if requested).
  • Reporting to the owner.